Here’s why design thinking can make your products and services stand out

Three UX Designers collaborating on design prototypes

So what is Design Thinking?

Photo from Interaction Design Foundation
  • Revolves around a deep interest to understand the people for whom designers design products and services.
  • Helps us observe and develop empathy with the target users.
  • Enhances the ability to question: in design thinking, we question the problem, the assumptions, and the implications.
  • Proves extremely useful when the problems tackled are ill-defined or unknown.
  • Involves ongoing experimentation through sketches, prototypes, testing, and trials of new concepts and ideas.

Design thinking is for you

Photo courtesy of Williams Ivan
Photo from Toptal

What is the value of design thinking for businesses?

  1. Badly defined requirements
  2. Poor communications among customers and developers
  3. Stakeholder politics

Here are reasons to invest in Design Thinking

  1. Build customer satisfaction- conversion- retention journey. — Focusing on UX increases your revenue
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Improves customer retention and loyalty
  • A little up-front UX research can save you hundreds of engineering hours and thousands of dollars
  • Decreases the cost of customer support

Final thoughts



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Xd. Sharon Somi Aludo

Xd. Sharon Somi Aludo

Expressing in words, the situations of work-life in Africa through the eyes of an Experience Designer and futurists.